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May Worship


May 1st

Sermon:  Sacred Sacrilege

Scripture-Psalm 67

               John 5: 1-9

May 8th

Mother's Day (Wear Pink or Lavender)

Sermon:  "John I have Hated; John I have to Love"

Scripture-Revelations 22: 13-17

               John 17: 20-26


May 15th

Pentecost (Wear Red)  Penetcost Special Ofering for New Churches

Sermon: "To Be Understood"

Scripture-Romans 8: 14-17

               Acts 2: 1-21

May 22nd

Guest Speaker

May 29th

Sermon:  "Popularity was Never an Option"

Scripture-Psalm 68

               Galatians 1: 6-12







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